Karen’s Story


In 2015 Karen had a dream after realizing a need in the community for an Adult Day Service Center. It was her goal for seniors to have a safe place to interact and socialize with others through planned activities.


My Father and Mother both needed a 24/7 caregiver which was my family. My Father was a double amputee and my Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2001. We were able to keep my Father home till he passes away in 1999 but my Mother’s illness progressed to the point that our caregiving was not enough. We were saddened to have to place her in a long term care facility where she passes away in 2006


Dealing with my Parents illnesses, I realized there was no support to help the caregivers, which are usually family members. There had to be a way to keep your loved one home, and also give caregivers a much needed break. This is where Adult Day Care Services can be helpful. Your loved one receives quality care and the caregiver can have a time for themselves to do all the necessary day to day activities.


Adult Day Care Services is a great way to keep your loved one home but also give the caregiver much needed time off and support.










Good Friends







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Edith’s  Testimonial


I enrolled my husband Robert into Caring Hearts about May of 2016. My husband received much more then we were expecting let me tell you all about it.


What don’t I like about Caring Hearts? The name is really what the Owner is about. I feel loved. It just isn’t a business to Karen but she truly cares about the people she and her staff serves.


I appreciate how Karen and her staff make an earnest effort to listen and meet your needs.


The transportation is wonderful, on time and very friendly.


In closing my loved one Robert is so excited about going to Caring Hearts as he begins getting dressed early in the morning. Robert has often expressed how he is looking forward to seeing ‘the lady Karen’ (owner). Prior to living in Merrillville, we lived in Hobart and Karen would personally transport Robert to and from Caring Hearts often. Now that we live in Merrillville, Karen has secured new transportation for Robert to resume his excitement for going to Caring Hearts. I have seen improvement in our relationship due to his involvement and his interaction at Caring Hearts. Robert smiles more and carries on more conversations with me.


Edith R.



Gloria’s Testimonial 


We have been at Caring Hearts for over a year and from the very first day the care has been much more than I could have expected.  


Karen is a “Godsend” with everything her and her staff do for me and my loved one. They make sure all my questions are answered. They really do go above and beyond what is expected of them. I have a secure feeling when leaving a loved one and a relaxed feeling for myself as a caregiver.


When Caring Hearts celebrates the holiday’s my favorite one is Thankxmas, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrated in one day. The other things I love about Caring Hearts are the crafts my loved one brings home.


Georgia M.









                                      Karen’s Interview


  1. We know in your story you talked about your parents. How did working with them prepare you for opening up your own business?


I experienced all the challenges about being a caregiver and with care giving there was no support groups available. I learned more about their diseases. I went to churches and neighbors to see if anyone would volunteer to help me out. Unfortunately I didn’t find the help I needed it seemed to me that people were afraid to help out because they didn’t know how to care for an amputee person or someone that has Alzheimer’s.


  1. What were your goals prior to opening the doors?


To create a safe place that feels like home. To offer options to families and support, to work with the families and find out what challenges they are facing so that I could help them in the best way I could or find more options that we didn’t have to help them out.


  1. Did you accomplish your goals and if so what were the ones you accomplished?


Well we opened. We were approved for Medicaid Waver and VA. We are in the process of being accredited in the state which is one of the highest certifications in the state of Indiana. We are now working with 3 transportation companies. We now have hearing and podiatry (feet) screenings. We also have a company that comes out and does P.T., O.T., and speech.


  1. What are your goals now?


My main goal now is to get respite, extended hours and weekends ready for those that need it.


  1. From your first year of being open what were your proudest moments?


Opening and enrolling that first client.

Certification and positive feed back from the families.

Being recognized in the community and offering much needed services to the community.


  1. Tell us about your staff.


All staff members have been certified in the following:                     CPR, First Aide, Alzheimer’s training as well as being drug tested and background check and are certified by the state.


My staff has at least 3 years of experience and are constantly being educated on all the new technology out there and on many different issues we face here at Caring Hearts.


They all have upbeat personalities and know how to deal with the clients with different personalities and limitations. They really do believe in me and my dream as well as my goals for Caring Hearts.


My staff knows the key to being successful is communication.


  1. Is there anything else you want to tell us?


The things I have learned the past year is taking a negative situation and finding the positive. How to deal with different behaviors amount the clients, adapting to the different ages of the clients, with the youngest being 20 and our oldest being 97 years of age.


We have learned more about illnesses and that families need help with TBI, stroke, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia and MS. The need is great clear across the board of illnesses not one is more important then the next they are all equal.